There are many reasons for the causes of white genocide, mass immigration being the prime culprit. Though there are also other major reasons for the declining white birth rates in many European countries and in also in many Anglosphere countries. The constant bombardment of miscegenation in advertising, both in TV, print media plus very much online. Just visit any retail shopping website, you will be instantly be bombarded with adverts of a black man standing in the kitchen with his white wife and their two cross breed children. You could almost think there is an agenda behind it all, well stop thinking about it, because there is a never ending 24/7 agenda behind it all, a ceaseless and all pervading miscegenation agenda. So lets conclude there are two huge massive reasons for the white Anglo declining birth rate.

🔴 Mass immigration, both legal and illegal from 3rd world countries.

🔴 Constant auto suggestive forms of miscegenation in advertising, in drama’s and in films.

Now we come to a third reason and a very significant reason it is.

🔴 Feminism, yes the toxic curse of feminism.

Many more young white women now seem to be infected by this odious mind cult called feminism. Many young girls which were normal healthy, well adjusted girls. Then they receive their gynocentric education, at a school and then much worse, later at a college or a university. From day one these young white girls are infected with the hatred and belittling of all boys and men. Their anti men female teachers indoctrinated them with the loathing and disgust and rejecting the opposite sex – yes boys and men.

Now you don’t have to be a doctor or a biologist to comprehend nature’s simple rule of reproduction, of breeding, of offspring. Boys and girls flirt and date in their teens during puberty and adult white men and women flirt, date, romance and eventually marry and start families and have children. This cycle of reproduction, this custom of offspring, of having children has been going on for centuries amongst Europeans and Anglo people. Thats until the ugly face of feminism came along and seriously messed up, wreaked and destroyed everything in our content and settled societies. Women now hate and loathe white men, men are feeling angry and rejected, whilst women blame men for everything.

White men are now being perpetually demonised, emasculated and belittled in our society. By the media, by govt anti men policies, in our pro women courts in divorce cases, and in anti men adverts everywhere. We have all watched the awful, nasty, poisonous anti men Hollywood films portraying white men as weak, effeminate, being submissive whilst the women are strong, masculine and domineering. There are certain rules set by mother nature that should never ever be broken, never be violated – men should be masculine and women should be feminine.

There are no weirdo, pervert, queer, other 101 genders that the left like to pretend exists, there are only two genders, male and female. The leftists have brainwashed your children both sons and daughters into believing they can be any fantastical gender they wish to be. This insanity is now completely now out of control, want to be a gender fluid dolphin or a unicorn then go right ahead. This is just all neurotic mental illness, children are being systematically brainwashed by the feminist teachers.

What really amazes me is how many parents just sit back lethargically and let it all happen. I am convinced most parents are totally clueless what is actually going on inside their own schools and inside the classrooms. The best thing you could do right now if you are a white parent and have children of school age, is pull them out of their school right now, with no hesitation, just do it. Home schooling in dramatically increasing everywhere, not just in the USA, but also in Britain, New Zealand and Australia. Don’t just sit back apathetically and let the leftwing teachers brainwash your children.

The truth is that this gynocentric selfishness of the modern white woman is directly affecting the falling and declining birth rates for white babies being born today, yes it is that simple folks. The hedonistic lifestyle, the pampered I want generation is directly responsible for this seriously declining white birth rate by refusing to have any babies. They are far too busy having abortions, the very opposite, women today are killing white babies. The harsh truth, it as to be said. We don’t have the luxury of time to pussy foot around with smoothing nice words anymore. Feminism really is a CANCER, it’s a cancer than is destroying the white Anglo population of the world, be under no illusions because it will be a calamity if this disastrous trend is not reversed or altered.

Yes we patriotic nationalists focus on immigration and rightly so, but we also have to scrutinise our own fertility rates. Most white couples are on average having only two children, which is a woefully low birth rate. Just look at the large, ever increasing families of the hispanics, the muslims and the blacks. The insanity of white single mothers with their half breed children all in tow, we all see this every single day, living off govt welfare with no fathers in sight.

I lay all this cancerous, toxic mixture at the feet of feminism. Feminism is being constantly and enthusiastically pushed by university academics and female school teachers. They have done more harm, to infect, to feed the sex wars we now see happening in our society everywhere between white men and women. The brainwashing of young girls has had direct consequences towards the deteriorating relationships between men and women and the falling of white birth rates, I am utterly convinced of this.

Why send your nice normal daughter to university only to see her return as a miserable, angry young women with green hair and ugly tattoo’s, ranting on about the “evil patriarchy”. Plus you get to pay the $50,000 for her full indoctrination on Uni campus. Not all white women are leftwing loonies but on average most women sadly have very leftwing and anti men views. How can we change this serious problem, that is extremely hard to change. Firstly take control of your children’s education, know the school and its teaching methods. DON’T send your children to universities to be systematically brainwashed by leftwing feminist lecturers, that rule applies equally to both your sons and your daughters.

🔴 We must endeavour to change the course of our societies.

🔴 We must push harder against the putrid rotten agenda of diversity, multiculturalism, the feminist narrative of the leftists.

Hope you enjoyed reading this blogpost, please share and spread online. Remember never give up hope, never accept defeat. There is always a golden future for all white Anglo people if we all want it bad enough. Our future is in our hands.

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